Reasons Lent is Easier Than Easter

Or so says an Anglican Priest Blogger

Well here we are only in the second week of the Season of Easter – in fact only the 13th day of Easter and I’m willing to bet an Easter egg or two that for most the enthusiasm for this season is already waning. It was much easier being penitential and reflective and all-round “preparing” than it is celebrating what we have been preparing for!

I bet (more Easter eggs) that you will be hard pressed to find services this coming Sunday (only the 15th day of Easter) still booming as their opening greeting:

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

And if your church does – how resounding is the congregational response? Those with daily services often find such enthusiasm even harder to maintain. I notice it in visits to this site. During Lent there were regularly two to three thousand or more individuals visiting this site daily. During Easter that drops to about a thousand a day. As humans, as Christians, are we better at preparing for something than actually celebrating what we prepare for?

As I’ve said before…If we REALLY believed in the resurrection we’d live our lives in a much better way than we actually do. I would also say our rituals would be done with much more enthusiasm and reverence (can reverence be enthusiastic? That’s a whole other post!)