When I Feel Hated….

With the rise in the number of suicides, especially amongst gay young adults, we Catholics need to remember that our response needs to be love to all of God’s children. Too often, people respond with hate. That hate often leads to despair and that places some in a precarious place that often leads to them taking their own life in that hopelessness.

Fr Jim Martin, SJ today shared a lovely prayer on Facebook today asking for God to be with all of us when we feel hated:

A Prayer When I Feel Hated

Loving God, you made me who I am.
I praise you and I love you,
for I am wonderfully made, in your own image.

But when people make fun of me,
I feel hurt and embarrassed and even ashamed.
So please God, help me remember my own goodness,
which lies in you.
Help me remember my dignity,
which you gave me when I was conceived.
Help me remember that I can live a life of love,
because you created my heart.

Be with me, loving God, when people hate me,
and help me to respond how you would want me to:
with a love that respects others, but also respects me.
Help me find friends who love me for who I am.
Help me, most of all, to be a loving person.

And God, help me remember that Jesus loves me.
For he was seen as an outcast, too.
He was misunderstood, too.
He was beaten and spat upon.
Jesus understands me,
and loves me with a special love,
because of the way you made me.

And when I am feeling lonely,
help me to remember that Jesus welcomed everyone as a friend.
Jesus reminded everyone that God loved them.
Jesus encouraged everyone to embrace their dignity,
even when others were blind to seeing that dignity.
Jesus loved everyone with the boundless love that you gave him.
And he loves me, too.

One more thing, God:
Help me remember
that nothing is impossible with you,
that you have a way of making things better,
and that you can find a way of love for me,
even if I can’t see it right now.

Help me remember all these things
in the heart you created, loving God.

James Martin, SJ

I know there have been times when I’ve felt hated. I know there are still people who hate me for whatever reason. And I know I still hold hatred for others in my heart as well. For all of this, may God continue to change us, again and again.