A Morning Prayer

Lord, today is going to be stressful, I fear.
Help me not to fear but to praise you in this morning,
knowing that all I need is to find you and my stress shall be removed.

Lead me therefore, not into this temptation,
where my anxiety gets the best of me.
Rather, deliver me from what evil wishes me to pay heed to,
grasping the attention of my conscious mind for it’s own dark purposes.

“Lead, Kindly Light”
and by this light may I be able
to judge fairly what I need to determine as good and true.
May the decisions I need to make be laced with fairness.

When the negativity of others be not my downfall
But my opportunity to shine light on their darkness and
to do so without condescension.

May I not get lost today in the darkness of my sins
But may I move through the day guided by your own glorious light,
leading me to be the best version of who you have made me to be.

Let me remember that in communion this day,
I am united with you, Lord and therefore as you become one with me
I must become one with you.
Perhaps the best I can do is become like one who has gone before me,
A sinner-saint, often frightened by their own lives but who live it anyway.

Nay, the best I can do is become
Who you have made me to be.
And in doing so I honor your creation
With all that I am. Amen.