Pray for Abused Women Today

As the story continues to unfold regarding the ECMC murder yesterday details unfold that the criminal and coward who shot a 33 year old woman was abusing her for a long time when they were in a relationship.

The victim, Jackie Wisniewski, 33, a single mother from West Seneca who was looking forward to her son’s pre-K graduation today, had confided to friends that Jorden had abused her and that he had been stalking her.

“She told me, ‘I’m scared,'” said her friend, Heather Shipley. “She said: ‘If anything happens to me, you know who did it.'”

Jorden, 49, who had served in the Army Special Forces as a weapons expert, had been exhibiting strange behavior and had recently lost a dramatic amount of weight, colleagues and neighbors said.

Jorden recently had been driving by Wisniewski’s house and taking down license plates of vehicles in the driveway, Shipley said.

Wisniewski, who had worked on the psychiatric floor at ECMC, found a GPS system that Jordan apparently planted on her car to keep track of her movements, Shipley said.

That led Wisniewski to file a police report, according to Shipley.

The doctor also held Wisniewski hostage at knifepoint in her home, Shipley said.

“He threatened to kill her a couple of times,” she said, “but I think in her mind she wouldn’t believe it would actually happen.”

People of faith, let us not idly stand by when we know that women are being abused. We should not and can not stand for this when we hear about it, just as much as we can’t stand by when we hear children are being abused. If you hear about a woman being abused, if a woman confides in you and says she’s being abused, call the cops. It’s that simple.

Men out there, take it upon yourselves to tell your friends that you won’t tolerate this behavior. Let people know that men who hit women are cowards and should be locked up. It’s not funny or macho to beat a woman or to use terms like “bitchslap” which always gives me a visceral reaction when I hear it.

Let us honor women with our lives as men, as protectors of the good and let us live lives where women do not have to live in fear, most especially of guys like us.