She Came to Say Goodbye

Elizabeth Scalia, better known to most as The Anchoress at Patheos has suffered a loss. And many of us in the blogging community are wishing her much sympathy as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog and faithful companion, Allie.

It’s an amazing story really. Here’s a clip:

I went to bed asking Saint Francis to be with her — that it if was her time, to keep her from suffering.

And this morning, in my dreams, she came to me and put her sweet, open face into my hands, and I said to her, “oh, my beautiful Alle, you are such a good girl, such a good, good girl. But it is time for you to go, now.” And she died as I held her.

And I woke up instantly, knowing she had passed. Went to her and there she was, eyes open, still warm. My Alle. Our girl.

She had come to say goodbye, because that is the sort of dog she was. The best dog, the smartest dog, the most care-taking dog, ever. The one who knew when any of us was sick, and came to lay with us. The one who watched at the window as we left, and ran to the door when we returned, because all she knew was love, love, love.

OK get the klennex, I’ll wait….my tears are still falling as I write this.

Some are thinking that this is silly, mourning an animal and if you do then you have probably never owned a dog, or never really known a dog at all.

My dog Haze is turning 7 this year. He is a rescue chihuahua and he came our way when he was about a year and a half old. They don’t give you a history at this rescue, but I fear he was an abused dog. He wasn’t socialized and even today despite training he can barely tolerate other dogs. Chihuahua’s live a long time. I had a friend who had a 20 year old chihuahua who lived with untreated cancer for more than 3 years! So I’m hoping that Haze is not yet middle aged (As I am), but has many more years of life in him. I’m not sure how we’ll say goodbye one day but I know that I’ll probably cry harder than I have at most funerals of human beings who I loved very dearly. He’s a good boy, sometimes crazy, sometimes wacky, but he’s MY wacky dog and I love him.

He was a good dog today and came wagging his tail when we got back from a glorious day at Niagara Falls with visiting friends, Marc and Lexie. He even waited for me to take him for his walk, which we enjoyed so much in the late evening today.

He used to blog as fast as his little paws would type about all sorts of adventures. But the adventures have been a bit more sedate since the move to Buffalo. We don’t meet too many interesting people on our walks here as we did nightly in Woodside. We’ll have to try to resume blogging in a new way. This year.

But some of the old stories are killer. Just laugh out loud. Chihuahua Stowaway is one of my favorites from this blog about Haze and here’s one from his old blog as well.

I’m off to give him a nice rub o’ the belly and put him to bed. He’s a good dog and I hope to enjoy him for many, many more years.

Elizabeth, we are so sorry for the loss of your pal. Know of our prayers to Francis today for Allie. Jack Wintz’s book “Will I See My Dog in Heaven” was quite a comfort for one of my friends recently. Hope that you might find a similar comfort in these coming days and thank you for sharing such a deep and personal story. We should all have as happy a death as Allie did—

And as happy a life as well.