Loving Work Now Available on Kindle for Pre-Order

If you have a Kindle or the App then you can order my new book, Loving Work, on Amazon.

Here’s a little contest for you. Tell me why you need a copy of Loving Work and we’ll pick 3 of the best answers and send you a free copy when the book comes to print.

The book tells lots of stories of some of the roadblocks I encountered during my own discernment from leaving my career in broadcasting and entering the world of ministry. You’ll read a lot of backroom radio fodder (like the time I ran into Michael Jordan in the locker room and it literally changed my life, but not in the way you’d think).

You’ll learn how a Jewish man taught me how to do Ignatian Discernment and how people I see in spiritual direction often teach me something.

Mostly, you’ll learn a bit about the difference between deciding and discerning—where is God in our decision making process? I’ll help you figure that out.

But first you have to enter the contest. You can do so by email (Mike.googlinggod@gmail.com), Twitter @GodGoogler, or Facebook.