I Resolved in 2012, In 2013….

So it comes down to a few more days left in 2012, which was a topsy turvy year for me. I took a look back at my resolutions from last year. Here’s the scorecard:

1) Work out every weekday: SCORE: Got to 4 days a week most weeks. So I improved until about a month ago when I hit the wall. I joined a gym closer to my home, so I think this will continue to be important to me.

2) Stick to a diet and drop 20 pounds by Spring: SCORE: Down 5lbs from where I was last year. Was down ten. New diet and exercise should help me reach a new goal.

3) Spend more time on Campus: SCORE: Excellent! This fall I really took this seriously and it worked great this semester. I found some new places to interact like the simulation center and teaching a class. I have to think of a few new place for the spring. The best part was that I concentrated on the South Campus and it paid off in big ways with a whole crop of new students coming our way.

4) Friday or Saturday is Family Day: SCORE: I was pretty good with dedicating Saturday most of the time.

5) Live the Magis Daily: So in spiritual direction, I’ve discovered that the essential part of my ministry is spiritual direction: SCORE: BIG TIME. I really did well with this and it really helped me expand my ministry and helped me see my gifts. I went for more training at Canisius High School and that’s been great. I did direction on Skype with one person and that worked out OK with some technical glitches and I have been directing lots of different kinds of people this year. My book being published was also a big help.

6) Join a softball team this spring: Score: NOPE! I still haven’t found a team.

7) Do three exclusively spiritual things per day:
1) Read something spiritual–a book or an article. SCORE: SURE, been great at doing this and even better since I got an iPad.
2) Pray. Do the Examen. Really discern. SCORE: Pretty faithful to this.
3) Do something for someone else to bring God into their lives. Simple. A kind word, a small task, a flaw overlooked. SCORE: I pray that I’ve done this for at least a few people.

So not terrible. Not awesome, but I actually kept a few of these.

So this year, I resolve….

1) Lose 50 lbs by 2014. Now there’s a realistic goal that will still be challenging. That would put me at 180 lbs.

2) Eat less meat and animal products: I don’t think I could be completely vegan, but when possible, at least try to eat a bit healthier.

3) Be more patient with those closest to me: I find I have lots of patience for people I minister to, but less with those I love most. In order to do this, I must….

4) Take one hour for quiet a day: Start with an examen and stay in the quiet. Perhaps even include some kind of ritual element to end this time of prayer?

5) Join an improv group: Acting in the simulation center at the med school has been lots of fun. One of the docs said that I am a great improv actor, so I’ve been toying with this idea and there’s a group on Saturday nearby. I’ll see how it fits into my schedule.

6) Find some new ways to interact with students on the South Campus. We still struggle to connect with some of the other pre-professional programs and the residence halls. So we are looking at that this semester after a really successful semester this past term.

7) Continue living the Magis: I’ve really enjoyed being a spiritual director for many people and need to hone that even more deeply. Staying focused on my gifts is important to me and that was a big part of 2012. Adding some retreat elements along with the individual elements of spiritual direction will be helpful to getting a group involved.

So here’s to 2013. May it bring us all what we desire most deeply.