Top 10 Things We Can All Resolve to Do in 2013

So here’s a list of easy (or-not-really so easy) things we can all do in 2013.

1) Stop Complaining: I started this one a bit early this year when something didn’t go my way. I just looked to my wife and said, “Well, we’re just going to have start this project over!” There’s no use in complaining about anything, it doesn’t really help matters. Let your anger and disappointment motivate more positive thoughts.

2) Help One Person a Day: Even if it’s something simple, go out of your way to do something for someone else. That co-worker who needs an extra hand, offer one before they ask. Boss seems overworked, offer to pick up something extra for him or her. Spouse is tired, offer to cook or do the dishes or some other task. Someone seems down, give them a kind word.

3) Cultivate Gratitude: It sounds sappy when people say have an “attitude of gratitude,” but gratitude is at the heart of all religions and traditions. Whenever we take stock we often find there’s more there than meets the eye. It’s often where we find God lurking. So why not try to keep this primary?

4) Welcome Others: Each day my dog greets me at the door as if I was saving him from a prison (which I kind of did!). Do we ever welcome even our own family members home as vibrantly? How about our parishioners? Friends and neighbors? Even strangers at our door?

5) Get Some Exercise: Even if you just walk around the block, get moving. The next day, walk a little farther, a bit faster. Before you know it…you’ll be in great shape.

6) Write cards and letters: We’ve lost this art. How many people do we ever get a letter from these days? E-mail is great, but sometimes seeing someone else’s handwriting and knowing the took some extra time to write goes a long way.

7) Dress up: Find a few outfits that you look awesome in and just wear them for the heck of it. It will make you feel great about yourself and build some confidence.

8) Examine your career: Are you really happy? Time to make some changes? Grateful for all that is? Whatever your case, just look on your life with critical eyes.

9) Do one thing a month you’ve never done before: Take a spin class, go to a museum, see a ballgame, attend a concert, swing dance. Whatever. Just try something new.

10) Pray: once a day. Not too much to ask. Need help starting? Check out these two pages:

BustedHalo’s How to Pray Page

St Ignatius’ Examen of Consciousness