A New Serenity Prayer

Lord, grant me the patience to keep my mouth shut when I am annoyed.
The Strength to not let anger get the best of me.
And the Wisdom to seek peace always in all things.

I know I can be mean to people, even those close to me.
I know I can take my frustrations out on others.
I can be short-tempered and have high expectations
That nobody could approach satisfying.

But as Merton says:
I do believe the desire to please you
Does in fact please you.
So walk with me and further cultivate that desire for peace
Peace in the world
Peace in my heart
Peace above all.

For peace is not merely the absence of violence
Rather it is what keeps our hearts open to love
To not give others half a heart
When our whole heart is what we can offer.

Help me to stay open-hearted
When I would rather close the doors to my own heart.
For your bleeding heart offered all it’s blood for us.
And hoped to create more hearts to bleed and beat for others.

May that desire you had for us
Become my own today.