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Atheists Waste Their Money With the Best of Them

I hesitate to give this more attention but, it looks like the atheists wasted a whole lot of money this Christmas.

I wonder how much more they wasted on Festivus presents?

2 thoughts on “Atheists Waste Their Money With the Best of Them

  1. John M. says:

    Seems so very sad. Aethists always say that you can be good people without being Christian. That good works a a human experience and doesn’t flow from faith. If they wanted to make that argument, they should be spending their money to feed the homeless people who are living on the streets under their signs.

    So many people, especially aetheists seem to slam the Catholic Church for spending money on nice things when it should be going to the poor etc. So that seems like a fitting argument for right now.

    Where is their money going toward? Helping their people life their hearts to God through beautiful art and culture? Nope. Feeding and caring for the marginalized? Nope, buying a big old sign to make people feel uncomfortable during Christmas.

  2. GodGoogler says:

    Excellent points!

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