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Let’s Not Rush Jesus, Shall We?

With over half a dozen radio stations moving into all-Christmas music formats these days and the malls filled with stuffed bears singing Christmas Carols and...

Eclipsing Advent?

Read this in a heavy Yiddish accent: “And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For...
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God Whispers It’s OK

Fran over at Albany’s There Will be Bread blog has a really inspiring post today and reminds us that God has seen us through countless...
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Jesus: In or Out

So the debate rages on in our house regarding this Christmas tradition: Do we put the baby Jesus in the manger or do we wait...
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Wait for It

We’ve heard the term a number of times…mostly made famous now by Barney Stinson, the character on How I Met Your Mother played brilliantly by...
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A St Joseph Advent Prayer

I held him in my arms While Mary rested Overwhelmed we were A long journey behind us A longer one in front of us I...
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Outward and Inward Hearts

On today’s feast of Christ the King, Fr. Jack Ledwon, my pastor, reminded me in this morning’s homily that Jesus is really the King of...
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