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Risking Woundedness

It is better to have a Church that is wounded but out in the streets than a Church that is sick because it is closed...
Campus Ministry, Canisius

Discerning the Semester

Greetings from a long lost blogger.  When I’m not writing, you should worry.  Well…maybe not that much, but enough to consider that I’m not taking...
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Love the Squirrel

So this summer the four spiritual interns here at Canisius asked me if I could approach my colleague, Fr. Tom Colgan, SJ about delivering his...
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Intentional Giving

I’ve been surprised to hear a bunch of hullaballoo about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which, by the way I did. I’ll get to the...
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Do You Have the Time?

Time..don’t run out on me. It’s a phrase that I’ve mentioned often in ministry as being an element that is essential to the development of...
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Coffee With Meg

So for most of my life I have not been a coffee drinker. I can remember drinking one large cup of coffee when I was...