Who is Harder to Mourn: Dogs or Humans?

Jayme Stayer, SJ over at The Jesuit Post, recently lost his beloved Basset Hound, Tristan Xavier. The pain, I assume was twice as bad as when he had to choose between his dog and joining the Jesuits. I can remember a friend described a conversation he had with the members of his religious community when […]

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A Dog’s Morning Prayer

Today’s morning prayer is translated from the dog. In the morning, it’s cold, but when we pray together in the morning with me on his lap, Sweatshirted I can feel the warmth Of my best friend Who is my favorite heat source On these cold mornings. He rescued me But he says that I really […]

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Missing Larry

As the winter has subsided, making way for summer, my dog, Haze, has begun to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. He also has many human friends in the neighborhood. There’s an older man who sits in his beach chair in the warm months and offers him a dog treat or two. There’s a younger […]

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Ripley the Dog RIP

My buddy Ripley had to be put down this week while I was away. She had been failing for some time. Ripley, was Fr. Jack’s Olde English Sheepdog here at the parish and I loved her. She was a 2 year old rescue dog from Indianapolis and she came with Quigley who left us last […]

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Elementary, My Dear Watson

Deacon Greg shared this dog rescue video and it touched me just as much as it touched him. I've been saying that we learn a lot about God from dogs and other animals. There's a book in here somewhere. So on this feast day of St. Francis, find a dog to love and allow them [...] Read More »

Gracie the Dog, RIP

It’s been a bad week for dog owners who are Catholic bloggers. First Elizabeth Scalia loses her best friend and then today, Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, a dear friend of mine reports that her beloved Gracie who rallied a bit after not being well earlier this year, went over the rainbow bridge today. Needless to say, […]

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She Came to Say Goodbye

Elizabeth Scalia, better known to most as The Anchoress at Patheos has suffered a loss. And many of us in the blogging community are wishing her much sympathy as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog and faithful companion, Allie. It’s an amazing story really. Here’s a clip: I went to bed asking Saint […]

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Having A Pet Makes You Healthier and Makes Ministry Stronger Too

Told ya so. From WebMD: People in stress mode get into a “state of dis-ease,” in which harmful chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine can negatively affect the immune system, says Blair Justice, PhD, a psychology professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health and author of Who Gets Sick: How Beliefs, Moods, and […]

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