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A Prayer for Sarah

This morning my friend and colleague, Sarah Signorino will likely give birth to a daughter, whom she has already named Clare. So I’ve dedicated my...

A Follow Up On Fr. Meanie

So fast forward a week and we learn much about children. You’ll recall my recent post about my friend’s 6 year old who got upset...
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Daddy, The Scary Priest Made Me Cry

So be forewarned, I’m about to be cranky today. And this is so because I have bent over backwards trying to remind people that welcoming...
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Thoughts on Treyvon Martin

I’ve been silent on Treyvon Martin thus far and will be no longer. I’ve been silent because I tend not to comment on court cases...
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But Don’t Tell the Others

Several years ago I went to visit my sister in law’s family. I was sitting with my youngest niece and asked her how she liked...

Of Nieces and Nephews

This past weekend I went to the final bat mitzvah for my sister-in-law’s kids. The youngest is clearly my favorite, but we don’t tell the...
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Mommy Always Comes After Nap and Snack

My dear friend and longtime colleague Ginny Kubitz Moyer has a wonderful new book out that’s perfect for Mother’s Day called Random MOMents of Grace....


We received good news yesterday as many already know from Facebook: The results of Marion’s breast MRI show benign findings. Exhale. She will proceed to...