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They Pay Me to Be Successful Anyway

What happens when all your plans land right in the toilet? When everything you were working towards gets upended and now you’re forced to start...
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Happy Feast Day, St. Ignatius

Today is the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, so a blessed feast day to all of my Jesuit friends and their collaborators. It’s...
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Screw Your Roommate

I was going through old notes and pictures and other paraphernalia recently and began to tell some old stories of the college days. This one...
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Loving Work: The New Book

So, I’ve been working on a book with Orbis Press (who has been such a pleasure to work alongside) on discernment regarding work issues. It’s...
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This is Me on TV

This is the embed for hictv.com which live streamed my lecture at Chaminade University. They’ll be giving me an embed code for the entire presentation...
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Rebirths on Birthdays

My friend Chris turned 30 and got depressed. We both worked in radio and while it’s a fine occupation, one can begin to wonder what...
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Muppet Inspirations

So Marion and I went to see the Muppet Movie last night after putting it off for a few weeks. It reminded me of my...
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Naming Grace

Retreat is always an introspective time for me to consider how our students at UB are being served by Campus Ministry and personally, what my...