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Under the Knife

So I’m having surgery on my hand tomorrow. It should be fine. It’s only a ten minute surgery on a tendon that is hooking on...
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The Ministry of Physician

The NY Times has an interesting piece on Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky who sees his work as ministry and tries to bridge the gap between science...
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Healing Music

David Dawson sent this out on Facebook and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in some time:
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So there are a lot of men who are growing mustaches to help raise funds for prostate cancer. First off, I’d like to say it’s...
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Do You Have Any Regrets?

When I worked in Calvary Hospital (A hospital for terminal patients, mostly) as a volunteer my Senior year of college, I often encountered patients who...
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Meeting Jesus in Misery – Update

It was the worst news we could imagine. We never expected it to happen. We thought everything was just sailing along smoothly, in fact life...
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