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Joe Franklin and Catholicism

So radio and TV icon Joe Franklin died this week at the reported age of 88 (I don’t believe that for a second). ¬†Joe was...
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Working with Joan Rivers at WOR

They say all comedy comes from pain. My late college roommate was a stand up comic and his illness was a major piece of his...
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Peace to Grant

As many of you know, I worked in radio for some 10 years. And one of the shows I worked on was a show called...
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Remembering Marty

My friend Phil Giubileo, over at the Play by Play blog took some time for some memories of Marty Glickman, the famed New York radio...
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Want a Free Copy of Loving Work?

I’ll be on the BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP on Sirius XMin just a few minutes actually. I’ll be giving away a few...
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Slaughter the Baseball Player?

So as Spring Training is heating up in Florida, baseball season is not that far away. I miss being near a major league team, although...
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