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A Final Boo-Ya!

Stuart Scott, the renowned ESPN anchor who was a pioneer in many ways in sports, died today from Cancer at the much too young age...

Rooting Beyond Hope

I think I’m beginning to understand what Red Sox fans felt before they won the World Series for the first time in nearly a century....
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Tennis Mensch

A great story on Mashable about tennis great Roger Federer who went above and beyond the call of duty for an 18 year old fan...

Exit Sandman

So I don’t get to watch a lot of baseball these days but I really, really loved every moment of the All Star Game. And...
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Praying Through Baseball

A recent article in the Christian Century tugged at my heartstrings because it brought up the strong connection many of us pastoral ministry types have...

On Coaching Angry

ESPN reported this morning that Rutgers Coach Mike Rice has been fired for…well just watch the video. Embarrassing. But not surprising. I’ve been in many...
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