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Can We Heal Wounds?

When the horror of September 11th came upon the United States my friends with children fought vigorously to keep their children away from the television...
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From Trauma to Forgiveness

About a week ago I commented on the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and tried to look at it from both sides. I also brought up...
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God Whispers It’s OK

Fran over at Albany’s There Will be Bread blog has a really inspiring post today and reminds us that God has seen us through countless...
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We Need to Be John the Baptist Today

Many people say that words fail us during these times of great challenge, when parents can’t even send their kids to kindergarten. I respectfully disagree....
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We Must Not Stay Silent

Close to 30 dead…most of them children…Suburban Connecticut… The words haunt us all. Children somehow makes this worse as if killing an adult makes it...
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