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So Punish Me, Don’t Do It

A young man once challenged me about the Sacrament of Confession in a semi-public forum. “Why do I have to confess my sins to a...
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The Holy Trinity

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday and you can find readings for this weekend’s mass here. But just what the heck is the Holy Trinity anyway?  We...
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Risking Woundedness

It is better to have a Church that is wounded but out in the streets than a Church that is sick because it is closed...
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Discerning the Semester

Greetings from a long lost blogger.  When I’m not writing, you should worry.  Well…maybe not that much, but enough to consider that I’m not taking...
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Men and Women in Ministries Together

So the recent uproar over the comments made by Cardinal Burke here and a San Francisco parish’s banning of female altar servers has caused a great...
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Joe Franklin and Catholicism

So radio and TV icon Joe Franklin died this week at the reported age of 88 (I don’t believe that for a second).  Joe was...
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What is a Godparent?

I joke with my friends Jonathan and Marianne who are expecting their second child often about the fact that they “owe” me because they met...
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