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Joe Franklin and Catholicism

So radio and TV icon Joe Franklin died this week at the reported age of 88 (I don’t believe that for a second). ¬†Joe was...
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Ripley the Dog RIP

My buddy Ripley had to be put down this week while I was away. She had been failing for some time. Ripley, was Fr. Jack’s...

Greeting Sister Death

Condolence to Br. Dan Horan at the Dating God blog on the death of his grandfather and a close Franciscan friend. It has however, given...
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Our Befores and Afters

Have you ever thought about how short our time is, and has been, on this earth? The earth has existed long before us and will...
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Memento Mori

At every cemetery’s entrance, Fr Pat Keleher tells me, these words are inscribed: Memento Mori (Remember the Dead). Today I went with the good Father...
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Remembering Dave

14 years ago, my college classmate and junior year roommate Dave Connors died after battling a long illness. It was tough for us to see...

The Worry of Death

My friend from college Nancy Keelin Tannucilli, posted a brief note on facebook tonight saying how much she misses her dad, who died 21 years...