Catholic League on Glee and Why I Don’t Agree

Bill Donahue, the resident crankypants at the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, who, by the way, is great as a radio guest, sounded off against Glee. The producers of “Glee” decided to address religion. A gay atheist was treated with sympathy for his victim status, the victimizer being Christianity, especially Catholicism. Judaism was […]

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OSV Blog: Glee Lost Their Religion

Mary DeTurris Poust over at the OSV blog highly disagrees with my post on Glee yesterday: I mean, do we really believe that the writers of Glee had one of the main characters, Finn, eating his “Cheesus” sandwich — a grilled cheese sandwich with the alleged face of Jesus on it — while the choir […]

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What a Friend We Have in Cheesus

Last night’s episode of Glee was very, very Catholic. The teens explored religion when one, Finn, the singing QB, makes a grilled cheese sandwich on the George Foreman grill and finds the face of Jesus imprinted on it. He prays, nearly mockingly to it, “O Grilled Cheesus…” Now I’m sure some took offense to this, […]

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