Want to Be a Holy Family?

When speaking of saints Thomas Merton reminds us that all you have to do to become a saint is to want to be one. Being a saint is simply to become the best version of who you already are. And I can think of no better image for a Holy Family. But are we always […]

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The Holy Family

So today is the feast of the Holy Family and I always end up thinking about how Joseph and Mary interacted with Jesus in tow. Joseph, the silent saint, who has no words recorded in all of scripture and Mary, who doesn’t have much more, are much like our modern day families. They have to […]

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Named After St Joseph

As a parishioner of St. Joseph’s University Parish in Buffalo these days, I was particularly disappointed to not be able to go to mass there on the Feast of the Holy Family. After all, St Joseph has no lines in the bible and has a feast day that is royally overshadowed on March 19th by […]

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