Seeing the Signs of the Holy Spirit

This is a reflection on 3 pieces of scripture: Jonah: 3:1-10 (Jonah’s repentance), Acts 2:1-11 (Pentecost), John 20:19-23 (Receive the Holy Spirit) BIG…SIGNS We are always looking for signs? When we’re driving… Walking… Finding a new classroom… A sale… We look for a sign..maybe a smile that shows someone’s interested in us. And a great […]

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Go In Peace: Reflection for UB Graduation Sunday

Sorry for a late post on this. But here is my reflection from last night’s final mass of the semester. Here’s a graduation story—my own from my undergraduate years at Fordham. It was an outdoor graduation and in the middle of the ceremonies it rained. And as bad as that might be—That rain didn’t stop […]

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